After Titian, Part 2

Here is the basic process in the Titian study:

1. A simple, loose underpainting using earths and lead white:

After Titian 1

After Titian 1

2. Modeling the clothing using terre verte, raw sienna and yellow ochre, and deepening the background:

After Titian 2

After Titian 2

3. Modeling the flesh and deepening the background further:

After Titian 3

After Titian 3

(I apologize for the awful photograph – I’m having a hard time with it. If I can take a better photo soon I’ll post that one.)

I deliberately put less yellow in the face than the reference contained, thinking that a lot of that yellow might be due to the darkening of the varnish layer on the original painting. I suppose I should have de-yellowed the clothing a bit as well, but I didn’t really think of it at the time. I may have gone too far with the face. I can always lay a thin glaze of yellow ochre over parts of the face if I decide it needs more. If I do, I will of course post the result!

In the last post, I wrote about ‘creating Old Masterish paintings…’ In retrospect, that sounds really conceited. The painting I’ve made here in no way compares to those masterpieces. I’m simply attempting to use the materials they probably used, and reconstruct the technique they probably followed as a result of using those materials. I think these materials and techniques could be used for many different styles.

In the pic below, check out the lovely range of colors you can get from simple terre verte and yellow ochre. Also, the total palette used, in tubes:

Titian palette, greens

Titian palette, greens

Thanks for looking – ’til next time!


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