After Titian – Student Palette WIP

After Rubens 1

After Rubens 1

Here I’ll be posting three or four stages of a work in progress. In addition to painting almost exclusively from life, I want to do more Old Master studies. Here is one I did a while back, a study of a head by Rubens.

This current one (seen below) is from a portrait, by Titian, of an Unknown Gentleman. I’ve begun with a basic underpainting, and will be moving on to the green clothing, then punching in darks, then finally adding color to the face. Throughout, a student palette (here and here) of only natural earths and lead white, and possibly a bit of black, will be used. (The Rubens study above was also painted with the student palette.) The basic underpainting color that I’ve used for the new study is an approximate 50/50 mix of two Da Vinci Natural Pigment oil paints: Arizona Brown Ochre and Mummy. And, of course, lead white from Rublev:

After Titian 1

After Titian 1

Here is an image of the original. I’ve cropped my copy a bit on the canvas to focus a bit more on the head.

Clearly, I need more study drawing and painting clothing. Rather than spend days getting this just right, I’m moving on to the next stage. Hopefully I won’t regret that decision dearly.

Posting this WIP is about showing how to create an Old Masterish painting using only natural earths and lead white, as Titian himself might well have done. I hope you’ll stick around, and post any comments or questions. More stages to follow!


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