Hello from Sunsikell

This is my new Sunsikell blog page. I’m Louis (silent ‘s’) Bispo, or L. Lawrence as I sign my artwork these days. I’m a maker of artist’s colors: mostly natural inks, and natural pigments which I grind into gouache and watercolor paints. The sources for these colors are natural dyes, earths and minerals. Most of this journal will be a record of my research, and of some of the recipes I try, the uses for the colors I create, thoughts on their historic nature, and what I feel will be the resurgence of these colors in the future. There will be other things I’ll try along the way: I’m definitely interested in attempting to make some of the Medieval and Renaissance synthetic pigments (or any others that I can make in the kitchen with commonly available materials); and at some point I’ll be experimenting with other media as well, making oil colors, egg tempera, casein, and so on.

I’m also an aspiring illustrator, currently working on techniques that will express the moods I want them to; and I work regularly at fine art techniques as well, especially portraits. I’m a student at two ateliers here on the coast of North County San Diego. I’m also something of a graphic designer and Web designer, and a teacher of same; though this blog will not be specifically about these aspects of my professional life, there may be a post here and there with some of my thoughts about current trends in these areas. I will post more often about my illustration and fine art work.

The art world, and the wider world, is slowly returning to the use of natural materials. This shift is due to “consumer preference,” as more of us become environmentally aware; but at some point it may well become a matter of necessity. This is an adventure I am on, and so far I’m in love with it. If you’re interested, then please join in and welcome. I’ll post about what I’m up to as often as I’m able.


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